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RED Komodo-X: From Crash-Cam to a Mini DSMC3

2 mins read

What’s the goal of the newly announced RED Komodo-X? We all know the purpose of the 1st Komodo (Baby Dragon/RED’s first action cam/crash cam). However, the new Komodo-X seems a bit tricky…


RED Digital Cinema Komodo-X Announced

3 mins read

As expected, RED Digital Cinema has just announced its next DSMC3 camera, titled Komodo-X. RED introduces the Komodo-X as the next evolution in the Komodo family, multiplying the frame rates, dynamic range,…


RED Komodo-X Introduced: Hybridization Between Komodo and Raptor

1 min read

RED Digital Cinema CEO, Jarred Land, has chimed in to Scott Balkum’s livestream talking about all things RED. Surprisingly (or not) he teased the next RED camera, which is the Komodo-X. At…