Assumption: EXTRACTION 2 Trailer Was Shot on RED Komodo
Assumption: EXTRACTION 2 Trailer Was Shot on RED Komodo

Assumption: EXTRACTION 2 Trailer Was Shot on RED Komodo

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The official teaser trailer of EXTRACTION 2 has been released. And it looks fantastic! The film was shot mainly on the ARRI Mini LF, with some scenes on the RED Komodo. However, by watching the trailer, we assume that the Komodo was the no.1 player here. Here are our two cents.

Extraction 2 BTS. Picture: Jasin Boland
Director Sam Hargrave shooting Extraction 2. Picture: Jasin Boland

EXTRACTION 2: Same as 1, but better… a lot better

Extraction 1 was one of the best Netflix action films ever made. The film implements crazy cinematography techniques led by director Sam Hargrave. DP was Newton Thomas Sigel, however, due to the challenging oner shots (long takes) that demanded specialized physical expertise, Hargrave was the man behind the camera. As a former stuntman, he was able to maneuver the RED Monstro during car chases and stitched long shots. Anyway, Hargrave, the director of the sequel, said that Extraction 2 contains even more extreme cinematography. The film was shot on the ARRI ALEXA Mini LF as the main camera this time. Nevertheless, it seems that the most challenging shots were filmed on the RED Komodo.

The RED Komodo gig. Extraction 2 BTS. Source: Netflix
The RED Komodo gig. Extraction 2 BTS. Source: Netflix

The teaser trailer characteristics

A few days ago, the Extraction 2 official teaser trailer was released, delivering pure awesomeness. The teaser demonstrates an oner that was stitched in several points to make the feeling of a long take. Furthermore, we assume that the teaser was shot on the RED Komodo rather than on the Mini LF. Why? Here’s our explanation:

  1. There’s no rolling shutter in the footage. Even though the teaser shows extreme and fast camera moves, we couldn’t find a rolling shutter and/or jello effect within the footage. That might be because of the global shutter of the RED Komodo, which is a significant advantage in that kind of shooting.
  2. Previous BTS videos demonstrate a specialized rig that was attached to Chris Hemsworth’s body, with the RED Komodo on it (see picture above). Also, in the teaser, we see these ‘selfie’ shots that were probably derived from that rig. Hence, it’s a Komodo shot.
  3. There’s an old BTS footage of Hargrave holding a RED Komodo, shooting in the middle of the action (see the picture above).

Check out the teaser below:

Wrapping up

Taking all this into account, we can assume that this strong teaser was shot on the RED Komodo. If yes, this is one of the best RED Komodo footage out there, and most importantly, a beautiful implementation of the potential of this camera. However, this is only our assumption. What do you think?

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  1. You are correct, the film was shot on Alexa mini LF for principal photography and Komodo for the big action sequences. It was shot using modified for full frame coverage Arri ultra primes from arri rental.

      • From what I know the lenses were modified replaced elements for full frame coverage in the wider focal lengths that don’t already cover ff, I was told they were chosen due to size weight. I don’t have specifics on that end sorry. But it was LF, Komodo

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