Canon Cinema EOS Comparison: C70 vs. R5 C
Canon Cinema EOS Comparison: C70 vs. R5 C

Canon Cinema EOS Comparison: C70 vs. R5C

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Many have asked themselves about the main differences between the Canon Cinema EOS C70 and the R5 C beyond the size of the sensor. Luckily, the guys at CVP have created a very straightforward comparison that demonstrates the pros and the cons of each, so you can make a more correct decision which camera is the right for you. Explore it below.

R5 C and C70. Picture: CVP
R5 C and C70. Picture: CVP

Hybridization over hybridization

The introduction of the Canon EOS R5 C has left many Canon shooters confused. At first glance, the EOS R5 C looks like a hybridization (C70 & R5) over hybridization (C70 = R5 & C300 Mark III). However, as time passes by, and more content is being created by filmmakers on these wonderful cameras, the role of the R5 C and C70 in our world becomes clearer. Nevertheless, videographers still scratch their head when they need to decide which camera is more appropriate for them: The R5 C or the C70.

Canon Made Another Hybrid Camera (R5 C), and Left the Consumers Confused
Canon Made Another Hybrid Camera (R5 C), and Left the Consumers Confused

R5 C Vs. C70

Although the similarity of these two cameras is significant, these are two different animals. First, one is a Super 35-sized sensor and the other is a full-frame. Moreover, the C70 has a huge advantage over the R5 C and that is its DGO (Dual Gain Output) that dramatically increases the dynamic range compared to the R5 C. But, the C70 is limited to 4K acquisition whereas the other is capable of shooting 8K (both can shoot raw though). So which is better? Well, it depends on your needs. For the hybrid shooter, the answer is pretty simple, and that will be the R5 C. Also, that will be the answer for full-frame shooters as well. However, for those who seek to capture their videos in Super 35 imagery, then the C70 can be a slam-dunk. Anyway, thanks to the guys at CVP, this foggy picture looks a lot clearer. CVP has published a video that compares these two cameras, with the goal to try and answer the question: Which should you buy? The Canon EOS R5 C or C70? Have a look at the video below:

To sum it up

Based on that CVP video, we’ve created a self-explanatory slide that shows the main key differences between the R5 C and the C70. As you can see, these two cameras are addressing completely dissimilar markets, and thus are serving different purposes. Explore the slide below:

Canon Cinema EOS C70 vs. R5 C
Canon Cinema EOS C70 vs. R5 C

So, what’s your answer? Which should you buy?

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  1. The LCD screen at the C70 can be controlled via touch. I use it all the time for fucus and settings.

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