Canon’s New Patent: Lens Mount for Faster Autofocus

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Based on a new patent application, it seems that Canon is working on a new mount design. The new mount is similar to the other Canon’s mounts. What’s it for? 

The patent application – Not for full frame mirrorless

The new Japanese patent application number 2018-084713 describes what are the possibilities of the new mount. Many have assumed that this new mount is dedicated for the upcoming full frame mirrorless camera body. But from a second thought, it’s not logical since it’s a patent application which is a very premature stage on product design, and also the full frame mirrorless is just around the corner.

Less connectors…

From looking at the images from the patent application we can explore less connectors vs the other mount. What does it mean less connectors?

Let’s read a machine translation of the patent application:

 “When the interchangeable lens with which it is equipped is distinguished from a new lens by the communication content, it changes to the synchronous serial communication in a more nearly high-speed second communication speed”

Not an hybrid mount

At first glance it seems (for reading between the lines) that Canon is aiming for hybrid mount that is able to handle both EOS EF full frame and EOS-M mirrorless. But when reading carefully, the word speed is the dominant word here, which indicates that the new mount’s goal is to improve the speed of connection and responsiveness between the camera body and the lens (super fast autofocus…? ).

The key word is: Speed!

One of Canon’s specialties is autofocusing accuracy and speed. Maybe this new mount will make those capabilities even better and faster.

What do you think about this Canon’s patent application? Will it allow super fast autofocusing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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