DaVinci Resolve Gets Ready to Nikon Z9's Raw
DaVinci Resolve Gets Ready to Nikon Z9's Raw

DaVinci Resolve Gets Ready for Nikon Z9’s Raw

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Blackmagic Design announces the most recent version of its acclaimed color grading software. DaVinci Resolve 17.4.6 is ready for the new raw format of the Nikon Z9. Read the release notes down below: 

DaVinci Resolve 17.4.6
DaVinci Resolve 17.4.6

DaVinci Resolve 17.4.6: “Support for Nikon RAW files”

The newest version of Resolve supports Nikon Z9 raw files. This is a brand new kind of raw, most probably developed by a company called intoPIX. The details are not completely clear on that. Make sure to read our article about this new raw of the Nikon Z9: Will the Nikon Z9 Present a Revolutionary 8K RAW Video Format? That’s supposed to be a whole new raw format, as we assumed that the Nikon Z9 will be capable of shooting BRAW as well, and moreover ProRes RAW (internally! – as promised by Nikon). That’s a lot of RAW! Anyway, here’re the release notes below:

What’s new in DaVinci Resolve 17.4.6?

  1. Support for Nikon RAW video formats.
  2. Support for Sony IMF render preset.
  3. Support for CopySettings to work on Fusion modifiers.
  4. Scripting API support to get node count and LUT by node index.
  5. Improved stability with large 3D renders in Fusion on M1 Max.
  6. Addressed clip gain changes being wrongly applied to selected tracks.
  7. Addressed audio issues with proxies generated for non-48KHz clips.
  8. Addressed a context menu issue for clips with cached audio effects.
  9. Addressed a stability issue with some HDR controls in Apple silicon.
  10. Addressed an issue with malformed fonts.
  11. Addressed an issue extruding 3D text from specific fonts.
  12. Addressed SVG groups going offline if duplicate Fusion node names exist.
  13. Addressed issues with IO encode plugins.
  14. Addressed audio artifacts rendering Sony XAVC formats.
  15. Addressed sign-in issues for Vimeo.
  16. General performance and stability improvements.
Will the Nikon Z9 Present a Revolutionary 8K RAW Video Format?
Will the Nikon Z9 Present a Revolutionary 8K RAW Video Format?

The improvements/features are the same for the Free version as for the Studio version of resolve. you can download the software from the Blackmagic Design website. However, it will take some till you utilize this new feature as a strong rumor suggests that the Nikon Z9 delivery date is around January 2023.

Product List

Here’re the products mentioned in the article, and the links to purchase them from authorized dealers. 

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